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Micnova MQ MSP01 Carrier II

Micnova MQ MSP01 Carrier II
Micnova MQ MSP01 Carrier II
Micnova MQ MSP01 Carrier II
Micnova MQ MSP01 Carrier II
Micnova MQ MSP01 Carrier II

Micnova MQ-MSP01 is a multifunctional belt specially designed for photographers who go on a long journey, which can be used combinedly with several straps according to personal different need. It is made from nylon and mesh fabric with compactness and fitness, comfort and breathability, it can reduce stress and possess freeweight capability. It is equipped with multiloop shackle and dead plate that can adjust camera device optionally and shackle can be fastened on the front of the chest tightly. Several small straps can be adjusted optionally from beginning to end. It is convenient to carry to take camera bag and key ring equipped with free small loop, which you can combine shackle to fasten on the strap. The dead plate on the waist can be used together with belt and also can be used as a quick-release plate independently. Its multifunction makes it become a necessary product when travelling.
Can dismount and fold, equipped with plastic bag and link, can assemble and adjust optionally.
Allows you to carry 2 Cameras at the same time and switch between them rapidly
Made from professional nylon and mesh fabric, which the wall is fit and contain flexibility and strong permeability. The elastic cloth can reduce pressure to maximum degree with thick strap, which is comfortable and durable.
Complete functions, simple operation, easy to carry with, lightweight and flexible, used combinedly and optionally.
Shoulder straps design, dispersing the camera weight evenly to the chest and back effectively
Package included:
1* Double Shoulder Quick Release Neck Belt
1* A Hand Strap MQ-HS4

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