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2in1 Mini Hand Tripod

2in1 Mini Hand Tripod
2in1 Mini Hand Tripod


2in1 Hand Pistol Design Mini Tripod for GoPro and Digital DSLR Camera
Special design for DSLR camera and action camera. 
The grip is wave-like design as human hand structure, make you feel very comfortable. 
Openable two legs for Standing purpose
Press the Black round button to release pan head for adjustment 
Made of ABS plastic, light in weight and small size is ideal for carrying 

Digital Camera Travel Tripod can be used on small size ball head, 
changed to be a convenient handle .
The soles are added skid-proof rubber, stand steady.
1/4 Standard Screw, suitable for most cameras.


 Length: 16cm when folded,  9.5cm long when opened 
Tripod Length: 10cm
Weight: 133g
Max Load Capacity:  2 Kg
Material: ABS Plastic

All digital cameras with ¼ inch screw hole and GoPro 

Package Included:

1 x Hand Held Grip /Mini Tripod 

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